My Childhood dream was to become a Teacher.

Mum's answer was "Que será, será" a song written by composers, Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, and sang by Doris Day in 1956, to my question, "What will I be?" BUT, I had my own answer...

So I worked very hard at making my dream come true.

Being a Children's Author is now the Cherry that adorns my cake!

I grew up living in Rolvenden with my lovely English foster family.


I learnt about my African heritage when I went to live in Nigeria with my parents.


I studied Linguistics and I returned to England, fulfilling my dream to work with children.


I studied a PGCE in Primary Education to become a Teacher and worked in schools across London, Southwark, Redbridge, and eventually Essex districts.

On a sojourn, as a Reading Consultant, I trained teachers on the use of fiction books to promote literacy empowerment.


The lack of representational picture books inspired me to write my first children's picture book - A Fun ABC.


A Visit to Grandad (the US edition,) was the first indigenously created, illustrated picture book, to be nominated for the mock-Caldecott Awards

Ever since, I have been championing the cause for culturally diverse books for all children, where I meet wonderful people, like you!


Photo Credits: BookTrust, UK

Sade Fadipe, a culturally diverse children’s author, possesses several strong points that contribute to her unique voice in children’s literature:

Cultural Identity Exploration: Sade’s work is shaped by her dual heritage, and she delves into cultural identity, integration, and migration stories. Her writing reflects the rich tapestry of her background.

Her Authentic Style: As a strong new voice in children’s literature, Sade brings an authentic and unique style to her storytelling. Her narratives resonate with readers, capturing the essence of cultural experiences and personal journeys.

An Advocacy for Representation: Sade is a passionate advocate for diversity and representation in children’s books. She recognizes the need for more diverse characters and stories within schools and libraries. Despite the multicultural backgrounds of many English primary school pupils, the majority of children’s main characters in books were historically white. Sade aims to address this imbalance by championing black writers and creating representational literature1.

Published Works: Sade has authored three books so far:

Teaching Young Children to Read: Written as an education specialist.

A Fun ABC (also published as A Visit to Grandad: An African ABC, in the USA): A picture book for 0-5 year olds, available in Nigeria, the UK, and the USA.

Snowy Joy (A Winter Tale of Refuge) a festive migration story for 8-12 year olds, inspired by her children’s reactions to news stories about the Syrian war and their own experiences in Abuja, Nigeria.

Sade Fadipe’s commitment to diverse storytelling and her impact on children’s literature make her a remarkable author worth celebrating!

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Planning your next School Author Visit?

Send me a message; we can sort something out.

Discover the exciting world of children's books that I have written, filled with captivating stories and beautiful illustrations.

a man and woman standing next to each other
a man and woman standing next to each other

As a Trustee to the Essex Book Festival I have a great opportunity to meet some truly amazing authors!

Sade hosting Poet Legend John Agard at the Essex Book Festival 2023.

Working with Festivals & Libraries

Sade hosting Florence Olajide at Basildon Library during the Essex Book Festival 2022.

As an avid reader and lover of heritage literature, I not only passionately promote culturally diverse children's books but also engage with the works of adult authors from similar backgrounds.

On June 25th, 2023, I had the pleasure of hosting the renowned icon, John Agard, during the Midsummer Madness event at the beautiful Cressing Temple Barns in Essex. Other artists I have hosted included Florence Olajide, author of "Coconut" in 2022 and "Lady Unchained" in 2023.

The list for 2024 is already shaping up, with further 'hostings' at the Felixstowe Book Festival in June, chairing a panel with Authors Stephen Buoro and Chioma Okereke as guests. Full details to follow.

Photo Credits: Essex Book Festival.

In 2023, I transitioned from print-focus to exploring creative means of retelling my published books. This development was supported by the Art Council's DYCP award. With this funding, I was able to delve into the expressive arts, finding innovative ways to sharing my printed narratives. Under the mentorship of Margaret Music Ltd, I was able to deliver many outdoor cultural storytelling projects told in vibrant African rhythms and lyricisms.

This project amplified my confidence with embracing my heritage, using it as a foundation for my creative expressions. Through collaborating with Margaret's Music Ltd, I was able to push the boundaries of conventional authorship, providing my audience with captivating an immersive experiences mirroring cultures and highlighting windows and doors to literature.

Storytelling at Festivals, Schools, Communities & Libraries

Hit by the Pandemic after a successful book launch at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Childhood Museum, Snowy Joy stayed home for two years!

In 2021, I decided it was time for the world to be empowered by the tale of the Toysavers.

Snowy Joy has since featured as a radio script, an audio book and a stage play with school children for two consecutive years.

A Snippet of Testimonials from Snowy Joy: The School Visit in 2023....

A Snippet of Testimonials from

Snowy Joy: The Production in 2022...

Across five weeks, in November 2023, twenty-three Pupils of St Mary's Magdalene Primary School in Southeast London were coached by drama teacher Margaret Omoniyi, Director, Margaret's Music Ltd.

Engrossed in the narrative of Snowy Joy are pupils of 5M, Westlands Community Primary School in Essex.