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Ages 7+ themes around refuge, safety and empathy Or culture and heritage - Reading, writing and author workshops (Key STage 2)

Ages 4-11 Interactive storytelling sessions with books depicting the African Culture.

Sade delivers Whole School Cultural days and bespoke Black History Month School events and assemblies


Available for both in-person and virtual school, library, bookshop and festival events/workshops

Black History Month Workshops

  • am actively engaged with conducting workshops for schools both within and outside my region.

  • am commited to spreading awareness about stories with black protagonists

  • teach the significant contributions of black, inspirationists, ensuring their stories are not forgotten.

  • I ensure my workshops are informative and engaging, helping children develop a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of black people.

  • I thrive to create a more inclusive society that respects and appreciates all races of people.