Mono's special job within the clan is to play the Bongo and keep everyone in high spirits. But one day, he flips his wig...

Meet Mono, one of the intriguing inhabitants of Katangah!

Deep in the woodlands where no else goes, unfolds the mysteries that keep Katangah Clan busy in body, busy in mind - and sometimes terribly busy in trouble!

And just like you and I, some days are tricky for Mono, especially when he wakes up on the wrong side of his tree bed, as the Festival of Arts draws near!

PRINT and colour these 5 Fun-Sheets to keep you busy at guessing what exactly Katangah is all about.

Print and fill in at least 2 Worksheets, email them to me. I will send you a special gift - The story of behind Mono's grumpiness. Watch out for this animal series! Each book has a set of activities to enhance your reading enjoyment! Diamonds for Katangah, 1st of 4 titles is due out, October 2024!

Last month, you met Mono.

Now meet Conejo.

Queen Conejo gets to make all the decisions in Katangah Woodlands.

All you need to do, is follow the instructions and await your surprise!

Instructions: 1. Print. 2. Colour. 3. Make up a story.

4. Email (include child's name & age by Friday 12th April ).

5. Wait for your surprise!


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