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Children's Author Sade Fadipe: Crafting Captivating Tales

Join Adanah on an alphabetical adventure as she goes to visit her grandfather in Modakeke, Nigeria. For reading age of 4-7, the characters are positive models of African culture, food and way of life.

A Visit to Grandad was republished as a US edition to A Fun ABC in a larger hardback format to the uK editions. It also come with a glossary which parents absolutely love! This title gained prestigious recognition and mention in the Caldecott (the oldest children's picture book awards ever) nominations of 2020, and was chosen as one of 50 best books in the state of Pennsylvania.

Also a Baker's dozen selected at


This colourful picture book set in Nigeria captures the fun of playing outdoors, as Adanah and Kolade chase two bouncy tyres around their village, clambering over rocks and encountering spiders and more!

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Dear Sade,

Thank you for these inspiring books for Children. They will be a family favourite for decades to come. Your creativity and ability to tell stories is just astonishing. It brings back fond memories of childhood and helps our children in diaspora learn and know their Nigerian culture. Well done. So proud. Tayo. xx

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A WInter Tale of Refuge

  THE BLURB... Throwing, rolling and playing games in the snow has always been on Adanah's wish list of things to do before she turns ten. It just never snows where she lives! So when she gets whizzed away for her first snow-holiday, she is truly thrilled! But a storm soon strikes, and her aeroplane's wings "shivered with an unusual frenzy, as if it had caught a cold". Yet the dreadful weather hints on more danger ahead!

When Adanah accidentally stumbles on Khindamah - The Land of Broken Toys, her mind is bombarded with a billion questions about the world she loves, and she wishes she had stayed back at home. Has her holiday been marred by Khindamah forever? Find out what happens in this adventure of cultural experiences weaved into migration stories.

Snowy Joy

"Mummy are we Refugees?" asked my youngest, shortly after a sojourn abroad. My tween and teenage daughters became aware of the depth of emotional trauma children experience when it comes to Moving either from one country to another of separation of any kind. Based on their personal experiences they were curious as to how 'moving' impacts one's sense of space, identity, and culture.

More so, on hearing about children crossing dangerous channels, they questioned their own identity and how such profound changes were being processed, Often, I found myself constantly averting their attention from news channels to avoid further probing. Using writing as a tool for communication, I embarked on engaging in those difficult conversations by scripting Snowy Joy ( A Winter Tale of Refuge).

Mono the chief entertainer, Zorro, the chief hunter and Pavo-real the parade leader, all live in Katangah.

When Pavo-real goes missing, Zorro thinks it is her turn to take charge. Witfully, she prances on to the stage, and mishandles Mono’s most precious item in the whole world!

Mono feels not like himself any more...

In this enchanting story, set in the woodlands of Katangah, find out how the entire clan help Mono get back on track again.

This story has:

26,088 Characters

3,409 Words
64 Passages
4 Links
0 Broken links

Mono's Bongo Drum

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